I Want To join the founder's group & get language support and strategies for my bilingual family!

I am excited to invite you to join!  

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see inside the membership:

- Tools to develop a customized family language plan
- Training videos with strategies to boost your child's vocabulary
- Step-by-step play routines to stimulate language skills
- Monthly members only webinars
- Language goal setting guides
- A community of like-minded bilingual families to help you reach your goals
- Exclusive access and ongoing support from me!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the training courses you can expect to see inside the community 

  • What to expect from your bilingual child at each stage of their development 
  • Speech and language milestones for Spanish and English speakers
  • Promoting language development through Music/Art/Play/Sensory Activities
  • Language policies and how to find the best one for your family
  • Best practices for getting the most out of reading time with your child
  • How to develop language goals for your family
  • How to create a family language plan
  • Teaching reading and writing to your bilingual child
  • Information about different language school options
  • Common challenges and how to avoid them
  • Strategies to increase meaningful exposure to English and Spanish
  • How to use TV and other media in a purposeful way
  • How to help your child learn a language when no one else around you does
  • And much more!

Families in the Founder's group will have Special Perks!

- An opportunity to provide input on what topics YOU want to see in the training forums
- A smaller and much more personalized experience with ongoing support from me
- 50% off your monthly membership
As an added BONUS, all Founder's group families will have a 20-minute Skype consultation with me
I cannot wait for you to join the Founder's group and get to know you and your bilingual family!

What Others are Saying about
Bilingual Avenue

"Bilingual Avenue is the best language resource I have found out there in my quest to raise a fully bilingual child in the United States.  Marianna and her podcast have been key in helping me on this journey; by providing countless resources from books, websites, to the guests on her show as well as actionable fun language tips every week.  I feel like I have found a helping hand to guide me through the process of teaching my child a second language."

Melanie Vitto

Bilingual Mother

"As the mom of two young middle schoolers, I know first hand that raising multilingual kids is definitely a marathon and not a sprint.  When things are going smoothly, it's all good, but when children struggle linguistically, the advice comes from all directions.  Well-meaning friends, family and teachers will often point to learning multiple languages as the source of the difficulty.  Marianna's expertise and the resources of Bilingual Avenue give me both the facts and the encouragement I need to keep my kids on the path to fluency in multiple languages. Thanks Marianna!"

Jennifer Langkjaer

Founder at Parenting Abroad

"Bilingual Avenue has helped me a lot in raising my two bilingual daughters. Marianna has given me strategies that I can implement in my bilingual home right away. It's not easy to raise children speaking more than one language but with the help of Bilingual Avenue I feel like I can do it! I know I am not alone and I feel like I now have the resources to give my children the gift of language!"

Maria Encalada

Bilingual Mother

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bilingual Avenue community Founder's group?
The Founder's group will be a small group of families raising bilingual children in English and Spanish. This group will have a unique opportunity to provide input as the community and its resources are developed.  They will have access to a private forum where they can connect and share their language experiences with other members of the group before anyone else joins.
Can I join even if I am not working on Spanish and English in my home?
Yes, you can join but please keep in mind that the majority of the resources within the community will be targeting English and Spanish language skills.  Depending on how the community evolves, more languages may be added in the future. 
Has the private community already launch? If not, when will it launch? 
No, the community has not yet launched.  The community will launch March 1, 2016!  
Will the Founder's group price be offered again? 
No, this price will only be available to those who choose to participate in the Founder's group.  Once the Founder's group is full, membership prices will resume at regular price.  However, Founder's group members will be locked in at the lower rate. 
If I join today, will I be making monthly payments even though the community is not launched?
No, the payment you make today will be credited towards your first monthly payment so you will not be charged for the months the community is being developed. 

I look forward to having you join the Bilingual Avenue Community!


Marianna Du Bosq