Baby English with Diana Sampedro

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Diana Sampedro Sanchez is the author of the book Baby English.  She is a Spanish mom to a six year old girl that she is raising as a non-native English speaker.

The Breakdown

On the podcast, Diana shares with us:

  • Her personal journey with the English language and culture;
  • How languages are managed in her home;
  • Why she decided to raise her daughter in a bilingual environment;
  • How she manages to stay comfortable speaking a non-native language;
  • Her book Baby English and why parents may find it helpful;
  • What led her to write her book;
  • The type of motherese information that you will find in the book;
  • The reactions she experienced from others about her decision to raise a bilingual child;
  • Her thoughts on worrying about accents and pronunciation;
  • Her suggestions for learning new vocabulary as a non-native parent including reading children’s books and connecting with like-minded parents;
  • The approach that she uses when her daughter answers her in Spanish instead of English;
  • A perspective on how to stay motivated when raising bilingual children
  • Her tips to stick to English with her daughter even when she does not know the word in EnglishTHE RESOURCES
    You can pick up a copy of Diana’s book from Amazon or Casa Del Libro which ships worldwide.

    Check out Diana’s Facebook page for inspiration.


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