You want your children to be multilingual but you are tired of spinning your wheels. You just need the right coach to guide you.

Raising multilingual children can set you on a wonderful journey with your family! Yet the job is not always easy and from time to time we all hit roadblocks that may deter you from achieving your language goals.   If you and your family have hit one of these roadblocks, let’s work together to identify these challenges and come up with a plan that works for you.

Who works with me?

I work with clients across the multilingual spectrum! Some of the parents I work with are just starting their language journey and do not know where to start. Others are well on their way but are facing some new challenges and are not sure what to try next.

How are the coaching sessions structured?

Language Profile
1-Hour Consultation
Personalized Plan
Email Follow Up

Language Profile

To get the most out of our time together, I ask each family to fill out a language profile made up of a series of questions so that I can best understand your family language dynamic.

This will be the starting point to ultimately establish what your family’s needs are and which strategies would best meet those needs.

1-Hour Consultation

Each consultation lasts one hour and is conducted on a one on one basis. With Skype, you are able to pick the day or time that suits you best without leaving the comfort of your home!

Throughout our session, we will explore the obstacles that are coming up for you again and again on your language journey. We will establish an initial course of action to achieve your family language goals.

Personalized Plan

There is no one size fits all solution!  Based on the language profile and our one-hour consultation, I will develop a written personalized plan that is developmentally appropriate to help you achieve your family language goals and needs.

You will receive the plan no later than a week after our one hour Skype consultation.

Email Follow Up

Upon receiving the personalized plan, you will have unlimited email access the following 48 hours to ensure that you completely understand and feel comfortable with the path forward.

I will be checking back in with you the following month to learn about your progress and provide any additional assistance for implementing your plan.

Let’s Get Started