Welcome to the first episode of the Bilingual Avenue!

My name is Marianna Du Bosq and on this first episode I wanted to take some time to tell you about my journey as a bilingual learner, bilingual educator and bilingual parent.

Episode # 1 Quick Guide

On this episode, I discuss:

  • What Bilingual Avenue is all about including a description of the blog, the podcast and the resource gallery;
  • My journey as a bilingual learner after moving from Venezuela to the USA;
  • How my plans changed after college and my decision to become a bilingual educator;
  • My new chapter as a bilingual parent and how my husband and I are raising our daughter using the One Parent One Language Method;

I also spend some time discussing what you may expect from the Bilingual Avenue podcast including:

  • The three types of episodes we’ll cover – expert episodes, parent episodes and question and answer episodes;
  • The frequency and length of a typical episode;
  • How to leave a voice mail with your questions;
  • Themes and issues we will cover throughout the show;
  • Free resources already available to you on the Bilingual Avenue website.


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