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On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Karen Nemeth, the founder and CEO of Language Castle.  She is the author of several books aimed at enhancing the literacy and learning experience of young dual language learners.  These books are all fantastic resources for parents and teachers with topics that range from language activities you can do with your toddler to how to appropriately incorporate technology into a child’s learning experience.

Karen has a Master of Education in learning, cognition, and development from Rutgers University. She is also a writer, consultant and advisor to several organizations supporting early childhood education. She even hosts regular webinars on training, coaching, and consulting services for teachers on several topics to support dual language learners.

Episode #2 Quick Guide

Karen discusses with us:

  • One of her biggest secrets… her constant amazement and admiration for how powerful children’s brains can be specially when it comes to language learning;
  •  How and why she started her work at Language Castle, a one-stop resource for everyone who teaches young children who speak different languages;
  • How parents can specifically work with teachers to support the target language in the classroom;
  • The importance of teaching language at a young age;
  • Language strategies commonly used with children that are not age appropriate;
  • Her favorite strategy for teaching language…. “talking to your child”;
  • Her recommendations to leverage technology and aid language learning. Her tips include what Apps to avoid (the conversation killers) and which ones are helpful.

Summary of resources Karen mentioned on the show:

Karen’s Books:


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