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On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Michele Cherie, a former French and English teacher with a passion for French, intercultural education, and purposeful parenting. She lives in Oregon, USA with her husband, preschool-age daughter, and toddler son where as a non-native French speaker; she is raising her children in French. You can follow Michele on her blog at Intentionalmama.com where she writes about making purposeful choices for a culturally-rich, perfectly paced family life–with a French twist.


Episode # 3 Quick Guide

Michele discusses with us:

  • A quick background about her lovely family and her blog;
  • Her decision to raise her two kids bilingual despite being a non-native French speaker;
  • How she started engaging with her daughter in French in the early months;
  • How she has managed to expose her children to French despite the lack of Francophone families living nearby;
  • Connections she has been able to make through her local Alliance Français;
  • Her family’s desire to spend next summer in France to ultimately enroll their daughter in a French school for a month during the 2015-2016 school year;
  • A funny language moment with her daughter with a positive ending;
  • Two wonderful proud moments that came from giving her children the tools they needed and they put in the effort to obtain a new skill;
  • Her new adventures with homeschooling including how she will be teaching a French class in her homeschooling coop;

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Michele shares –

  • A favorite resource: Les Petits Livres;
  • Best advice received: To truly help your children become bilingual, you will need to support the target language in any way that you can possibly think of including media, books, trips to countries that speak the language, etc;
  • What has held her back: A lack of francophone families and resources in her community that can support French learning;
  • Great family habit: Limiting screen time and as a result empowering her children’s creativity
  • Favorite Books: Mon imagier de tous les jours and Roule Galette;
  • Best Advice to others: Read a variety of books to your children in the target language.

Summary of links Michele mentioned on the show:



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