Episode 53: Using visual aids as a tool on your family’s language journey with Jenny Kung

Episode 53

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Jenny Kung, the creator of The English Student. Jenny is a firm believer in the power of clear, simple and colorful visual aids in promoting effective learning which lead her to the creation of her website which offers a collection of free visuals to learn English. Through this episode, we chat about the power of visuals for learning any language and how you may be able to leverage this great tool!

Episode #53 Quick Guide

On this episode, Jenny discusses with us:

  • How she was exposed with multilingualism from the age of 5;
  • The languages she speaks including Mandarin, Thai and English;
  • How she manages to keep up with all her languages;
  • Her experience as an ESL teacher;
  • Her realization that many of her students perceived learning negatively because of their experiences with memorization and repetition;
  • How she felt that when learning was less stressful, relevant and exciting the retention level for her students increased;
  • How securing information from images that were simple, clear and colorful seemed to be very useful for her students;
  • How to incorporate kids to create visuals that are appealing to them;
  • How being scared and stress does not make the learning process easy for students;
  • The creation of Theenglishstudent.com which is based on the idea of creating cute, happy, healthy, simple visual aids that would attract learners and be memorable to them so they could learn every day English;
  • That the most effective visuals tend to be simple, clear, colorful yet not overwhelming;
  • One of her most popular visuals about the body parts based on the concept of “Show me and I will understand what you mean”;
  • Some of the many resources available on her the blog for student’s learning English to use;
  • Tips for creating your own visuals especially if you are not supporting English at home but are rather working on another language;
  • How to use visuals to introduce what something is and leverage it as a conversation starter;
  • Her advice for parents raising multilingual children and how visuals may be incorporated on the language journey.


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