Episode 61: Language learning without the flashcards with Ana Lomba


On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Ana Lomba, a Parents’ Choice Award-winning author and creator of several language learning products that encourage conversation amongst family members.  Ana discusses with us the strategies that she has seen work best for different age groups and how she has incorporated them into her books.

Episode #61 Quick Guide

On this episode, Ana discusses with us:

  • Her language journey which started in her home country Spain and as early as preschool;
  • How a new English teacher in high school using a more communicative approach changed her learning experience;
  • How an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom got her very excited about language learning;
  • Her journey to becoming an author of language products for children;
  • How publishing allows her to travel the world;
  • The motivation she gets from parents’ positive feedback about her products;
  • A breakdown of the different products she offers including:
    • Play and Learn Series – short every day conversations between parents and children, available in Spanish, French and Mandarin;
    • Hop, Skip and Sing – childhood song and rhymes from Spanish and French culture, ideal for infants and toddlers;
    • Traditional Stories – Ideal for preschoolers including Goldilocks and the Three Bears in French and Spanish and Little Red Riding Hood in French and Spanish,
  • The downfalls to using flashcards with language learning because you can memorize many words yet never truly learn a language;
  • How flashcards is like feeding children hot dogs because it has no nutritional value whatsoever;
  • How she is currently developing language curriculum for schools and moms who want to start a new language program in their community,
  • The differences between how toddlers and preschoolers learn best –
    • Toddlers prefer sensory, motor and tactile activities so strive to incorporate these activities on your language journey;
    • Preschoolers prefer imagination and pretend play which lends itself to many activities that you can introduce at home;
  • Her advice for parents to take it easy on the language journey and ensure that we make their learning experience enjoyable.


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