Episode 75: Preparing for your multilingual child from birth through the early years with Diana Limongi

Episode 75 

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I chat with Diana Limongi who shares all about her language journey including how she prepared for the arrival of her multilingual child.

Diana is a Latina New Yorker with Ecuadorian roots, married to a Frenchman!  She has a son who together with her husband she is raising in a multilingual environment! She’s a contributor to BabyCenter, Hispana Global and TriState Ford Voces all while working full time and a part-time graduate student pursuing a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management!  You can learn more about Diana and her great insights on her blog ladydeelg.com

Episode #75 Quick Guide

On this episode, Diana discusses with us:

  • Her multilingual language journey and her family’s commitment to speaking Spanish in the home;
  • The opportunity she had to attend school in Ecuador and how that allowed her to improve her Spanish punctuation;
  • How language learning was her number one priority as she prepared for the birth of her son;
  • How she went out of her way to visualize how she was would hold herself accountable to speak Spanish exclusively with her son;
  • How she even began watching TV in Spanish to increase her own exposure;
  • How French, Spanish and English languages are managed in her home;
  • How she manages when her son answers in English;
  • Some funny anecdotes of how her son is finding patterns in Spanish and adding his own twist to translations;
  • Why it was important for Diana and her husband that her son speak their heritage languages;
  • How she has stayed discipline to add exposure to Spanish for her son;
  • How she is preparing for her son’s academic years and how that may impact his language journey;
  • The role that the extended family has played on the language journey;
  • How amazing she feels like when her son translates and switches between languages;
  • Why she is such a great advocate of bilingual education;
  • The value she sees in speaking more than one language;
  • Her advice for creating opportunities for language learning in your community with other parents.

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Diana shares –

  • Favorite resources: TV/DVD where she can leveraged the SAP button to switch the programming to Spanish and translated classic books that your child may already know in the community language;
  • Best advice received: Staying persistent because language learning is a lifetime journey;
  • What has held her back: How her son sometimes tries to engage with Diana and her husband in English but how they have managed to redirect the conversations;
  • Great family habit: Story time at night and cooking together;
  • Favorite Books :Eres mi Mamá by P.D. Eastman, Siempre te querre by Robert Munsch, Amo a mi Mamá porque by Laurel Porter Gaylord, Amo a mi Papá porque by Laurel Porter Gaylord;
  • Best Advice to others: You do not have to do it alone! Find a community that can provide you with support.


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