Episode 81: Learning another language after childhood with Sonia Gil

Episode 81

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I chat with Sonia Gil, an entrepreneur, language geek, and passionate traveler!  Sonia is on a mission to show the world how travel can enrich your life without emptying your bank account. She is the founder of the digital language learning company Fluenz and she is also the host of Sonia’s Travels, a two time award-winning web original series about Sonia’s unique take on the places she visits. Sonia is also the lead behind the non-profit Fluenz.org which we will discuss throughout our interview today.

Episode #81 Quick Guide

On this episode, Sonia discusses with us:

  • Her background with languages;
  • How her own language learning journey led her to creating a better way for others to learn languages;
  • How the program she developed, Fluenz, is taught from the perspective of English speakers;
  • The components of Fluenz including a video portion and exercises led by native speakers;
  • How different age groups process and learn languages;
  • The advantages that young adults and adults in general have when it comes to learning another language;
  • The benefits for older learners of having a way to compare the language you are learning to one that I already know;
  • How valuable it can be to work with peers who also speak the language you are learning;
  • The importance of keeping motivation throughout the language journey and celebrating the milestones of the process;
  • The non-profit, Fluenz.org, a non-profit which has produced a resource called “El Book,” with a free primer for Spanish speakers on the bare essentials of English.
  • Her YouTube channel, Sonia’s Travels and how it can help families who are planning to travel to supplement their language learning;
  • The type of advice Sonia through her YouTube videos.



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