Episode 9: Connecting with language and culture through music with Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou

Episode 9


On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, a recording artists, folksinger, winner of multiple parenting awards, world traveler and mom to multilingual children.  She has been called an “Ambassador of Song” as she travels around the world to create music that uplifts and empowers.

In concert, Daria shares a wonderful mixture of favorite songs from American and world folk music traditions.  During her shows she presents songs in a variety of languages; including English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Zulu, German, Quechua Indian and Oneida.

Episode #9 Quick Guide

On this episode, Daria discusses with us:

  • Her background with languages which started with her grandfather playing the role of translator with his co-workers;
  • Her love for languages and how it can help individuals connect better with others and have conversations from the heart;
  • How languages are managed in her home including the impact multilingual friends have had in her family’s language journey;
  • Her connection with music and the power it has to build bridges across communities and people;
  • How she is able to incorporate language into her songs by leveraging the common language of the community while introducing others;
  • How music can help one learn a language and how songs can trigger previous language memories;
  • Her personal experience with her children learning more difficult Quechuan sounds through song (singing a snippet in Quechuan with glottal stops about a green hummingbird);
  • A description of some of her blogs and websites
  • Her advice to multilingual parents to take a deep breath and appreciate what they have in their family and the world around them.

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