Episode 91: Instilling a love for culture from an early age with Carla Curiel

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Carla Curiel the founder of  Mundo Lanugo.  Lanugo is a Miami-based lifestyle and entertainment brand for preschoolers inspiring Latin at heart confidence and cultural pride.  Carla shares with us how she has instilled a love for her culture in her daughters from an early age and has tips for parents who are looking to do the same.

Episode #91 Quick Guide

On this episode, Carla discusses with us:

  • Her background and how early she started to prepare for her twin daughters;
  • How concerned she was about passing on her language and her culture to her kids;
  • Her mission in life which is to raise daughters that are proud Americans and Latin at heart;
  • How languages are managed in her home and at school;
  • Her emphasis on reading authentic Spanish texts to her daughters;
  • How much she enjoys sharing traditional riddles with her children;
  • That her daughters still prefer to speak Spanish despite their community language being English;
  • All about Mundo Lanugo – a children’s lifestyle and entertainment brand of American appeal and Latin feel;
  • How Mundo Lanugo characters represent a different facet of Latino culture which allows parents to share their Latin heritage through entertaining stories that build a child’s self-esteem and identity;
  • The many resources that parents have at their finger prints for children learning Spanish;
  • The Mundo Lanugo app, which is based on fun interactive game and imaginative play while exploring the richness of Latino heritage and their Spanish language;
  • Her tips for raising bicultural children including –
    • Reading authentic text;
    • Celebrate cultural traditions;
    • Incorporate riddles and sayings in the target language;
    • Teaching cultural games;
    • Have fun, living and breathing culture.

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Carla shares –

  • Favorite resource: Traveling to Spanish speaking countries;
  • Great family habit: Joking around and having fun in Spanish;
  • What has held her back: Best advice received: Pick the language you want to speak to your child and stick to it;
  • Favorite books: Ferdinando El Torito
  • Best Advice to others: If you are struggling with finding resources for your children in the target language, go make them!


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