Episode 93: 15 helpful tools to help you and your child learn a language with Lindsay Dow

Fifteen helpful tools to help you and your

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Lindsay Dow, a private language tutor and the founder of Lindsay Does Languages.  Lindsay believes in inspiring others to teach themselves languages. Whether that be in a face-to-face lesson with her, or through one of her Skype classes, or one of her blog posts or even one of her videos, she wants you to know that it is possible for you to learn a language!  Lindsay shares 25 different tools to help you and your children learn a language!

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Lindsay discusses with us:

  • How she first embarked on a language journey;
  • The impact teaching English in Costa Rica had on her Spanish skills and on her appreciation for languages;
  • The work she does through Lindsay does Languages and her online lessons via Skype in English, French and Spanish;
  • Her fun approach for language learning to adapt for individual student needs;
  • How motivation is strong when we first start learning a language and how it decreases throughout time;
  • The importance of finding what makes you and your children accountable to learn a new language;
  • Lindsay’s essential teaching tools including:
    • Whiteboards & Pens preferably magnetic;
    • Kloo – language card game available in English, French, Spanish and Italian;
    • Rori Story Cube – Dice with 6 different images
    • Puppets
    • Pink Squishy
    • Timers
    • Standard number dice
    • Self-numbered Jenga
    • Flashy ball
    • Sticky Notes
    • Headbands
    • Comic books in the target language
  • Her favorite online tools including:
  • How Lindsay suggestion to document their child’s language progress via audio or video to help them stay motivated;
  • Her encouragement to focus on enjoying the language process and celebrate the progress!


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