How to make a family language trip a reality

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview two multilingual mothers to learn the steps they took to make their language trip with their children a reality. How to make a family language trip a reality

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, we celebrate reaching 100 episodes!  As a special treat, this is the first combined interview with two repeat guests from previous episodes. I chat with Michele Cherie & Hanna Cheda about family trips they took during the summer of 2015.  Michele took her three children to France for three months while Hanna took her two children to England for two weeks.  Michele & Hanna shared all the details and logistics of how they made their trips possible.

Episode #100 Quick Guide

On this episode, Michele & Hanna discuss with us:

  • A bit about their background and the language dynamics with their children;
  • How long each of their trips were and how they managed their time during this experience;
  • How they planned each of their trips including how they prepared financially;
  • How they leveraged community activities and how they learned about them;
  • How Hanna connected with another multilingual family in London via a multilingual Facebook group;
  • How Michele connected with friends from her time as an exchanged student to provide more exposure to her children in French;
  • Michele’s experienced enrolling her children in a local school in France;
  • Hanna’s lesson learned from a previous trip and what she did differently this time around;
  • Michele’s family experience adjusting to life as a local in France;
  • The impact that each trip had on the children’s language skills;
  • Hanna’s observations on how her children changed languages and adjusted to different situations;
  • How each of the two families are thinking doing something similar in the future and how they may go about it;
  • Their advice to families who are considering a similar trip for their family.

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