Finding inspiration from our bilingual children

Many parents find inspiration for their work from their children.

Bilingual families are not different!

Mariana Llanos chats with us about her writing journey and the inspiration she has drawn from her experiences with her bilingual children.

Finding inspiration from our bilingual children

About AuthorMariana is a Peruvian born children’s book author.  She has five children’s titles to her credit in English and three of which are also available in Spanish.  She is an advocate for the inclusion of multicultural characters in children’s literature.  She has three children


On this podcast, Mariana shares with us:

  • A bit about her children and the very different languages journeys they have each had;
  • Her initial concerns about her son’s speech and the advice she received from a speech clinician;
  • How she found her inspiration to start writing children’s stories:

    • No Birthday for Mara – Mara Sin Cumpleaños
    • Tristan Wolf – Tristán Lobo
    • A Superpower for Me
    • The Staircase on Pine Street
    • The Waiting Monster
  • The challenges she has faced specifically with her older children;
  • The activities she puts into place to promote Spanish in her home;
  • A funny story about potty training;
  • How proud she feels when she hears her daughter singing in Spanish;
  • A reminder that everyone’s situation is different and how we should each develop our own plan!


  • Favorite Resources: Books
  • Best Advice: Do not stop speaking to your children in Spanish
  • Held You Back: Her own need to learn English
  • Habit: Reading to her children in Spanish
  • Favorite Books: Classic Stories in Spanish that her children may know in English
  • Best advice: turn off the noise, follow your gut instinct and be patient


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