Getting out of your comfort zone when raising bilingual children

with Dolores Dweck


Dolores “Lola” Dweck is the founder and publisher of Lola’s Cocina, a food and travel blog dedicated to sharing Mexico’s rich culinary traditions and her cherished family recipes.

She lives in Highlands Ranch, CO where she lives with her husband Michael and their bilingual son Amado.


Lola shares with us:

Her bilingual and bicultural upbringing;

The impact that spending summers in Mexico had in her Spanish language development;

How languages are managed in her home and how they implement the One Person, One Language policy;

How she has enlisted her family’s help to add more Spanish exposure to her son’s daily interactions;

How Lola and her husband took the time to set goals for their son’s Spanish journey and what life choices they are making to achieve these goals;

How she goes about connecting with others in her community that may be working in Spanish;

Her analogy that finding other bilingual parents is like dating… you essentially have to put yourself “out there;”

Some funny interactions with her son’s name;

How she is planning to work with her child’s teacher to brainstorm ways to infuse more Spanish;

How proud she feels that her son has been able to pick up the subtleties between English and Spanish at such a young age;

How much she is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.



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