Episode 83: Living a multilingual, pluralistic & interdependent global lifestyle with Alice Jungclaus

Episode 83

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, Alice Jungclaus, a parent coach, chats with us about her cross-cultural family and how they have followed their dream of living a multilingual, pluralistic and interdependent global lifestyle.  Alice also chats with us about global parenting including what it means and how it can help you and your family!

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Episode #83 Quick Guide

On this episode, Alice discusses with us:

  • Her background as a parent, a teacher and a parent coach;
  • How she describes herself as a messy multilingual, a teetering trilingual, a competent bilingual and a confident monolingual;
  • The languages she speaks including Cree (her mother tongue), English, French and German;
  • How languages are managed in her home and how her language policy has changed over time depending on their family situation;
  • The extensive language background her son has been exposed to throughout their family moves;
  • Her multicultural background and how it impacted her own immediate family;
  • The main reason why she and her husband wanted her son to be multilingual so that he could deepen his understanding of culture;
  • The impact language can have on social, emotional and cognitive adaptation because language has the potential to develop many parts of the brain;
  • The challenges and fears she and her husband faced when shifting and developing their family language policy despite the knowledge they already had about multilingualism;
  • The concerns her husband had that the shift of language policy may have on his relationship with his son;
  • How unique family conversations are as they leverage words from their diverse language backgrounds;
  • What it means to be a global parent and being interested in the whole child;
  • Her site, Global Wise Parenting, a place for parents to work on parenting issues that they are facing with their children;
  • The benefits of working with a parent coach and what types of issues can be addressed;
  • How proud she was that her son was able to express his feelings in several language during an emotional time.

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Alice shares –

  • Favorite resource: Be Bilingual by Annika Bourgogne;
  • Best advice received: Use media mindfully;
  • What has held her back: Being away from family;
  • Great family habit: Family meal time with screens off and no phones at the table.  Leveraging the opportunity to have conversations around the table;
  • Favorite Books:  The Little Prince;
  • Best Advice to others:  Check out the work by Dr. Gordon Neufeld and specifically his book Hold on to your Kids.

You can also check out Alice Junglaus’ page at www.globalwiseparenting.com


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