How to create an appreciation for reading and writing

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Kelly Serrano to find out her favorite tips for teaching and writing to bilingual children!

How to create an appreciation for teaching your bilingual child reading & writing (1)

Kelly was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to the United States when she was 18. She is now in her 8th year as a classroom teacher and is a dual-language teacher of Spanish and English.  She has a strong passion for teaching reading, writing, and math and is always looking for different ways to make learning both engaging and meaningful.  She shares great strategies for getting children of all ages engaged in literacy skills!

You can find more about Kelly on her blog: Learning in Two Languages

Episode #105 Quick Guide

On this episode, Kelly discusses with us:

  • Her family background and how she grew up as a monolingual despite being the child of bilingual parents;
  • The desire she had growing up to learn her heritage language;
  • The dynamics of her school and how languages are managed in her school;
  • How she goes about finding and creating resources for her students;
  • Her advice for parents to promote language development even if you do not speak the language of your child’s school;
  • The power of reading to your child even if they are older;
  • The importance of selecting a book of your child’s interest even if they do not understand all the word that you are saying;
  • How modeling fluency can help increase a child’s vocabulary;
  • Her encouragement to read to your child even if they are older;
  • The importance of encouraging children to write about things and topics that create connections to their everyday lives;
  • How we should avoid getting stuck on making sure that our children spell everything correctly when writing;
  • Modeling to your child that writing can help you to express yourself;
  • How we can help our children to learn a language even if they cannot attend a language school;
  • How to keep language learning fun;
  • Tips for parents who are teaching a non-native language to their children;
  • Ideas for keeping older children motivated in the language journey;
  • The value that local libraries have for learning languages;
  • Her helpful advice for bilingual parents.


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