Imperfect bilingual parenting



Nicole Schwarz is a mom to three girls, a Parent Coach with a License in Marriage and Family Therapy, and author of Positive Parenting for Imperfect Families. She strives to help parents feel confident in their parenting and build strong, respectful relationships with their kids. Find positive parenting resources and learn more about Parent Coaching on her website, Imperfect Families.

The Breakdown

In this episode, Nicole shares with us:

  • Her background as a parent coach;
  • Positive parenting and what it may look like in your home;
  • Steps for setting family and parenting oriented goals;
  • How and why it is important to be gentle on yourself;
  • What we can do when we wonder if we should be doing more as parents and on the language journey;
  • How we can avoid the negative side effects of comparison while taking the good that comes with it;
  • Tips for avoiding power struggles with our children
  • Ideas for how to manage situations when our children refuse to speak the target language
  • Her best advice for bilingual parents!


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