Blending language and culture for raising bilingual children

On this episode, I interview Emma from Lingolised!  She shares her family adventures and what an excellent job they have done to infuse culture into their everyday lives!The importance of language & culture (1)

Episode #103 Quick Guide

On this episode, Emma discusses with us:

  • Her linguistically diverse family and the languages they speak including English, Hungarian, German and Romanian;
  • How she ended up in Germany and how her children are doing with their current language dynamics;
  • How their languages are managed in her home;
  • How the One Parent, One Language policy can have an impact in the parents language learning process;
  • The impact that going to nursery in German had on her language skills;
  • How a trip to Scotland showed to her daughter the value of speaking English;
  • The struggles she has to find other Scottish people in her community;
  • How she goes about infusing Scottish culture for her children;
  • How funny it was when her daughter first started to sort out which language she was speaking;
  • How she has been able to expose her daughter to Hungarian through the expat community in Stuttgart, Germany;
  • The inspiration for her blog and what kind of information you can find on there.

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Emma shares – 

  • Favorite resource:
    English: Debbie Doo TV Kids
    Hungarian: Videos that her husband records of Hungarian events and dances
  • Best advice received: Pick a strategy and stay consistent!
  • What has held her back: Nothing yet! Determination has carried them through.
  • Great family habit:  Multilingual conversations as a family
    Favorite Books: 
    English: We’re going on a bear hunt and Singing Kettle
    Hungarian: Bogyó és Baboca
  • Best Advice to others: Find a strategy that works for your family and stick to it!


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