Learning the parenting lingo as a non-native speaker



Aileen Passariello-McAleer was raised in a bilingual household, and she wanted to ensure that her two kids learned Spanish.  She is the co-creator of the app Mama Lingua and often shares wonderful Spanish tips on  social media.

The BreakdownIn this episode, Aileen shares with us:

  • Her personal language journey;
  • A glimpse into how languages are managed in Aileen’s home;
  • How speaking Spanish exclusively with her kids helped her improve her Spanish skills;
  • Her tips for statying motivated on the days where language gets a little harder;
  • How she manages topics of discussion that are a little harder to conduct in Spanish;
  • All about Mama Lingua and how it may help you on your language journey;
  • How she tries to keep up with her children’s Spanish skills now that they are bombarded with the community language
  • Her advise for other bilingual parents and specifically for parents raising children in a non-native language


You can get all the details and learn more about Mama Lingua here!


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