Christobel’sanswering questions and working with the target vocabu. Progress log

  • November 27, 2018 at 5:04 pm #15651

    2018 GOALS:

    – establish some consistent, formal exposure with peers to increase language need

    – start working on reading

    – connect with some Spanish-speaking peers for language play dates


    – we’ve been attending a Spanish class once a week after school. There are twins whose Mum is from Chile, 2nd generation, and another little boy whose Mum lived in Spain for a number of years. My daughter has bonded with her peers nicely and, after a bumpy start, is enjoying the class. Now she is even wanting to go if she has stayed home sick from school! The teacher is a native speaker and it’s mostly in Spanish, though unfortunately she does translate some instructions as one of the little boys gets stressed he doesn’t understand. There are other ways, but still, it’s mostly immersion’s!

    – she IS speaking Spanish in the class and feeling more confident

    November 27, 2018 at 5:21 pm #15652

    (Ran out of space! )

    more confidentworking with the target vocabulary. This has flown over to more complete phrases in Spanish to me, too, and she’s just started experimenting with putting together her own phrases and conjugating verbs in Spanish even when she’s not sure. This is huge as I think she has a bit of a perfectionist streak!

    – Reading: we’ve done quite a lot of work here and have started with the BA reading program. She’s doing well and knows the basics, but just needs more practice with easy texts, which has been the challenge to access. As the end of the year comes, we’ve all been really tired and I haven’t done any more for a few weeks!

    – Play dates: we organised 1 and it went really well: they actually played in Spanish! The little boy has a little speech issue that makes him a little hard to understand, though, but it was still a great success and his Mum and I also chatted in Spanish, so it was a great environment. Our challenge is scheduling as weekends can get busy quickly and it can be challenging to coincide!

    end of year GOALS:

    – explore holiday immersion options

    – get back into a reading routine

    – organise another play date

    November 28, 2018 at 3:23 pm #15660


    Love how you are going full circle and revisiting your 2018 goals and comparing how WELL you have done, woohoo!

    I am thrilled to hear that the Spanish class has yielded so much success both in terms of friendships and spanish skills.  Both of those should probably continue to blossom as times goes on!

    I hear you on the challenges of the play dates. I was reflecting back on my childhood and so much of what we did was hanging out at home or getting together with family/friends. But I look at my kids childhood and we are just BUSY. Busy with dance class, and soccer and the gazillion activities that are available in the Washington DC area to entertain our kids.  Clearly a “first world” problem, but we hardy just hang out at home sometimes and settle for downtime. SO I can understand how that can impact your ability to schedule playdates when you are not just managing your schedule but also a friend’s.

    That being said, I am thrilled that you had such a successful playdate when you were able to schedule it!

    For reading, Unit 3 will come online this week/beginning of next week.  With it we are starting to introduce simple text for kids. This could be a good start to putting all the basics together that your daughter is currently managing so well!

    I included an image so you can see what it will look like.  The sentences are made of the syllables studied up to that point. Some kids will be ready to read them on their own while others wont but it will serve as an introduction either way.

    I am originally from Venezuela and live in Washington DC with my two bilingual kids and husband. My daughter, Juliet, is 4.5 and my son, Adrian, is 2.5! They keep me on my toes.

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