Money saving tips for your next language trip

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Lauren Lyons Cole and she shares her best tips to help you save for your next language trip.

Lauren is a Certified Financial Planner®, financial expert and speaker.  Lauren believes money is a tool, and empowers her clients to create a strong financial foundation so they can build something great. She helps her clients take control of their money by getting organized, spending smarter & earning more. Usually in that order.

I am thrilled to have her on the show because not only is Lauren a former educator and knows what it takes to teach our little ones but she is also a language learner herself!

Episode #101 Quick Guide

On this episode, Lauren discusses with us:

  • Her background as a certified financial planner and her passion for traveling;
  • Her trip to Colombia to improve her Spanish language journey and the impact it had on her;
  • The challenges she faced because she worked in English for part of the experience;
  • The ways in which she has managed to keep up with the Spanish she learned;
  • The connection she feels with Colombians and other language learners;
  • Her belief that travel is worth the investment understanding that we may need to make a trade off in other areas;
  • Ideas on how to get the whole family involved on saving towards the goal of a family trip;
  • How you can teach children about money without being too pointed about the topic;
  • What to take into consideration if you are planning on making a long-term visit;
  • How it is better to save for your trip than putting it on the credit card;
  • How it can be helpful to wait until you are in the location you are traveling to in order to get better deals and savings;
  • How valuable and important it is to get organized with your money;
  • One of her favorite tools:;
  • The importance of understanding your partners’ views on money and try to come to an agreement together on how to manage it;
  • How we can spend our money a little smarter by finding cuts that will actually make a different in your budget;
  • A good rule of thumb for how much you should pay for your housing situation: 25% of your take home pay;
  • The idea that most people spend less if they are only carrying cash in their wallet instead of credit cards;
  • The value of the investment parents are making to help their children speak more than one language.


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