Multilingual Living: A Cultural Valentine’s Dinner

Multilingual living in something that we strive to do as a family. 

Sometimes we can be fancy and travel to another country to embody that multilingual living style.  But on most days, we try to do so with the little things around us.  We look to create situations that are exposing our kids to other cultures and languages. Yet, we also look for ways for us, the parents, to have those experiences.

We had a taste of that just a few days ago! When it came time to chose a place for a Valentine’s Day celebration, we fell in love with the idea of going to Cafe Berlin in DC.  

My husband Todd and I had just recently talked about how our time in Germany is starting to feel distant.  This made us both sad because we had such wonderful and treasured experiences there. Cafe Berlin was the best place to connect us with some of those memories. 

We walked in and immediately knew we had made a good choice. There were lots of little touches that added to the flare of the place.  We found a souvenir from one of the oldest breweries in Cologne which we visited with my parents during their stay.

Fruh Brewery

Cafe Berlin had this mini beer glass carrier from Fruh Brewery

Früh Brewery

My parents and daughter in front of Früh Brauhaus while we were in Germany

The menu was really authentic. We had a hard time making a selection. 

Cafe Berlin Valentine's Menu

I finally settled on Maultaschen which is originally from the region of Germany where we lived.


Wild Boar Maulstaschen

And of course, we had to end the night with homemade German cakes and beer!

I share this with you to inspire you to lead a multilingual life.  See if maybe just maybe you can create those cultural opportunities around your own corner.

 How can you make sure to live a multilingual lifestyle?

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  1. That´s great that you can do things like that where you live.When Iwas in the States I loved howyou could experience all thedifferent cultures! Unfortunately it´very hard to do that where I live.

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