Music for Little Language Learners

123 Andrés and Christina

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Andrés and Cristina  about their music for bilingual learners.

Check out the interview below!

Andrés Salguero, better known as 123 Andrés, has been  called “A rockstar for little language learners” according to Billboard Magazine and I couldn’t agree  more.

He bringing audiences joyful sounds, a passion for bilingualism and an authentic appreciation of music that gets kids, including my own, singing and dancing in Spanish and English. I had the pleasure of chatting  with Andrés and Christina for a delightful interview!

The Breakdown

In this episode, Andrés & Cristina share with us:

  • Their language journey
  • What led them to create music for children
  • Why it was important for them to create music in two languages
  • All the details about their your two albums
  • Their advice for parents on incorporating music to their children’s lives
  • The language learning resources can parents find on their website
  • Their favorite takeaways from the  music journey

Make sure to listen or  even download  the interview  in the  green player above.


Check out 123 Andrés’ CDs and pick up a copy to have fun with your little language learners:

Last December, we had a chance to see 123  Andrés live for the third time and we loved his performance.  He is so full  of life and is  a joy to be around. He took a picture with everyone from the audience who wanted to showing the kind of guy he is!

123 Andres with the Du


Hope you had a chance to listen tot he interview, let  us know what you think and maybe even your favorite song!

Music for little language learners

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