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Elisabeth, also known as Spanish Mama, is form the US and met her husband Pocho while teaching English in Peru. 

She began her blog originally as a way to record their bilingual, bicultural journey and share ideas for teaching Spanish. Her vision is to help teachers and families find quality resources and ideas to learn Spanish together. 


On this podcast, Elisabeth shares with us:

-How she  fell in love with Spanish;
-How languages are managed in her home with the Minority Language at Home strategy;
-How awkward it felt at first to speak a non-native language to her children the first day her son was born;
-How she worked through that first fork in the road where she had to chose between English & Spanish;
-How the effort paid off and now speaking Spanish is an engrained  habit;
-How books have been helpful to add vocabulary to her days  with her children;
-How she  is preparing for when  her children get to the point where they may prefer to speak Spanish to each other;
-Some funny  interactions they have had with others when they are all together as a family;
-A proud parenting moment with family members in Peru while chatting on Skype;


  • Favorite Resources: Books
  • Best Advice: A reference from a blog post from Rita Rosenback that children do not magically learn another  language;
  • Held You Back: Being a non-native speaker;
  • Habit: Narrating things to her children throughout the day;
  • Favorite Books: El Mejor Libro de Palabras;
  • Best advice: Avoid temptation to compare your family to others.

Other resources mentioned:

Post from Third Culture Mama on siblings and language

Podcast episode with Rita Rosenback



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