Episode 11: Now “D” is always for Dinosaur!

Episode 11

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Úna McCarthy-Fakhry, a mother of two bilingual girls currently living in Melbourne with roots shared by Australia, Ireland, France and Lebanon! Úna is also the founder of Love Your Lingo, a new endeavor that creates beautiful multilingual products to inspire your little linguist to love their language.

Episode #11 Quick Guide

On this episode, Úna discusses with us:

  • A quick background about her lovely family currently living in Australia;
  • The language strategies they have implemented at home and how it has switched over the years;
  • How family inspired her joint decision with her husband to raise bilingual children;
  • How working with letters became difficult for her bilingual daughter because letters stood for different things depending on what language they were working on;
  • The inspiration for creating a tool that would help her daughter and support her multilingual needs;
  • How the Little Linguist Alphabet works and the six languages it will support once it is produced: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • How this alphabet can make things simpler for young multilingual children;
  • How the languages and objects were developed;
  • The Kickstarter campaign she is leveraging to crowd source the project;
  • The different funding levels available through the Kickstarter campaign and the rewards available for backers;
  • The character she developed to accompany her multilingual products, Anna, including a sneak peak to an upcoming project;
  • A proud language moment she experienced with her oldest daughter while overhearing one of her conversations;
  • An awkward language moment where she mistakenly called a tissue a fly!

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Úna shares –

  • A favorite resource: Barbapapa;
  • Best advice received: Take your time with your languages and do not expect too much too soon! It’s a way of life and it will not happen overnight;
  • Great family habit: Being transparent with their children about which parent should be the role model for each language;
  • Favorite Books: Emilie by Domitille de Pressence and The Zazoo by Judith Masini;
  • Best Advice to others: Take your time, we are all experiencing the same problems and challenges.

Summary of links Úna mentioned on the show:


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