One Parent, One Language as a single parent

One Parent, One language as a single parent


Aimee Helfand is the creator of Famileague, one of the largest family-based video networks in digital.
Famileague is a platform that brings together a global community of family lifestyle influencers to share and inspire positive family experiences through premium digital content.


Aimee was raised in a bilingual household and as result she knew that she wanted to create a bilingual upbringing for her daughter as well.  In this interview, she talked about the role her daughter’ nanny has played in their family’s language journey.  I found this to be really interesting since this relationship has helped Aimee implement a One parent, One Language policy while being a single parent.  Together, they have developed a plan to help Aimee’s daughter become bilingual.

The school that Aimee’s daughter attends is not bilingual yet there is plenty of language diversity in the classroom.  This has created some unique opportunities for her to show empathy for others.  She has reached out to help other classmates because of her bilingual abilities. Research has shown that bilingual individuals tend to develop these skills which I find fascinating!

We chatted about the pride that Aimee’s daughter feels to be Mexican and what Aimee has done to foster it through extracurricular activities.  Some of my favorite interviews include funny moments and Aimee shared the ones for her family.  I love these  because they are the tipical things that bilingual families experience.

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  • Best advice received: Don’t force the language on your kids!  When it feels like work, shift gears and make it playful.
  • Great family habit: Aimee and her daughter designate the morning as Spanish ONLY time.  They call it Magical Mornings,  how lovely!
  • Best Advice to others: Develop a plan to help your own children understand the boundaries around each language.


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