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Bilingual Avenue launched on October 7, 2014, when it broadcasted the first of many episodes to inspire and motivate parents raising multilingual children all over the globe! Marianna Du Bosq, a 2003 Chicago corps member, started Bilingual Avenue to help parents understand what to do, how to do it and what to expect when raising bilingual children.  In its first few months, the Bilingual Avenue podcast climbed to the top ranking of several iTunes podcasting categories reaching #1 in the Society & Culture, #1 in Kids & Family and #2 in Education for all New and Noteworthy podcasts.  Just last week, it was awarded second place for “Most Educational Podcast of 2014” by the Podcasters Paradise community made up over 1,400 fellow podcasters.

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Being a bilingual learner, educator and parent herself inspired Marianna to create Bilingual Avenue. When Marianna became a parent, she was clear on her desire to give her daughter the gift of her heritage language, Spanish.  Yet soon realized that despite her time in the classroom working with dual language learners, the journey to raising a bilingual child is more difficult and lonelier than she ever imagined.  But the benefits of bilingualism, including the cognitive wonders it can have on a child, served as her inspiration to keep working toward her family goals.

Being a busy working mom, Marianna wished for a one-stop resource that she could consume on the go and would combined expertise from language professionals and lessons learned from multilingual parents.  When it became clear that if she desired such a resource, there must be other multilingual parents with the same desires, Marianna set out to create it. She fell in love with podcasting when she discovered a medium that could be accessed worldwide with no commercials and at no cost and so the Bilingual Avenue podcast was born.

Marianna quotes, “One of the things that struck me the most through my research is that time and time again multilingual parents cited that they felt alone on their language journey.  Yet more than half of the world’s population is bilingual!  Many parents are finding it difficult to support the language needs of their children and I simply didn’t want them to have to give up on this valuable goal! That’s when it became clear to me that I should create a podcast interviewing multilingual parents and experts sharing actionable tips and strategies.”  Once Marianna came to this realization, the rest was history.  She hit the ground running and has not looked back since! “The goal of Bilingual Avenue is to inspire parents all over the world on their multilingual journey.”

There are already thirty episodes available and she releases two new ones every week!  In addition to the interviews, Marianna has a solo episode every Thursday where she answers a listener from a listener and draws on her experience as a corps member and as a dual language educator.

One primary area of focus has been how to support the needs of dual language learners in the classroom.   Marianna has interviewed several educators and curriculum designers to convey to parents and educators how they can work together to advance the needs of English Langue Learners.

You can download episodes via iTunes ( or Stitcher Radio, or visit to stream straight from the website. To learn more about Bilingual Avenue visit the website today.

About Marianna Du Bosq

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Marianna moved to United States with her family in 1994.  She attended the University of Florida.  In 2003, she was selected to Teach for America where she taught 2nd grade English Language Learners at Cooper Dual Language Academy.  She has a Master’s in Education and Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. She is spending the next year with her family in the Black Forest of Germany where they have added a third language, German, to their already multilingual family.

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