Episode 99: Raising multilingual children to be world citizens

Raising bilingual children to be world citizens (1)

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Becky Morales, the creator of Kid World Citizen, an incredible website offering activities that help young minds go global. Becky shares with us how we can teach our children about world’s culture and how we may be able to even incorporate it into our child’s classroom!

Episode #99 Quick Guide

On this episode, Becky discusses with us:

  • Her experiences learning Spanish and how important it was to have authentic experiences with the language;
  • How she and her husband established One Parent, One Language at first with English and Spanish;
  • The shift they made to Minority Language at Home for Spanish and spoke English outside of the home;
  • Other strategies that they have incorporated such as having peers that also spoke Spanish;
  • How they have incorporated immersion opportunities for their children so that they can experience the language and how they have gone about finding them;
  • How conscious she has to be when dealing with her emotions to make sure that she sticks to Spanish when speaking with her children;
  • The different ways that she has incorporated the diverse cultures that make up her family;
  • All about Kidworldcitizen.com and what kinds of cultural resources parents can find to use with their children;
  • Why it is important that our children learn how to communicate with other people, have tolerance and empathy;
  • Her advice for traveling with kids and big families around the world;
  • What led her to give up on Spanish with her children for a while and how she has since renewed her vows;
  • Her super creative and engaging “go-to” game for practicing Spanish with her children;
  • How she keeps her older children interested in learning Spanish by working on things that peak their interests;
  • Some adorable anecdotes of when her children have had to translate for her from one language to the other;
  • How exciting it is to see her children speaking Spanish when they engage with other Spanish speakers!

Once we hop on the Autobahn at Bilingual Avenue, Becky shares – 

  • Favorite resource: Duolingo
  • Best advice received: Every day you can start new! If you forget the whole day to speak the target language it does not mean you have to give up.  Just start tomorrow!
  • What has held her back: When your children attend school in the community language is tough to support the target language;
  • Great family habit:  Committing to always having the first conversation from when children come home  from school in Spanish;
    Favorite Books:  Te Amo Bebe
  • Best Advice to others: Any dedication of time you can give to your children, stay consistent and it will make a difference.


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