Strategies for teaching reading

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I chat with Dr. Marnie Ginsberg, the leader of Reading Simplified.  She shares tips on how we can teach our children to read and develop their reading comprehension all while maintaining a love for reading.

Episode 113 Marnie


Dr. Marnie Ginsberg leads Reading Simplified, an online professional development community that supports teachers’ abilities to streamline reading instruction and accelerate student outcomes.

The Breakdown

Dr. Ginsberg shares with us:

Her Passion and motivation for teaching reading;

The importance of teaching sounds over letter names;

Ways to teach early decoding to ensure phonemic awareness;

How to use the Switch It method to teach phonemic manipulation;

How to use the Build It method to teach letters in context;

Questions to ask young readers to develop reading comprehension skills;

The value of maintaining a natural engaging dialog about the text;

The age that children can begin to summarize a text;

The importance of modeling reading comprehension skills;

Advice for parents of beginning readers;

How to teach reading while keeping it fun;

Associating reading with enjoyment;

How to learn more about Reading Simplified!


Switch It video

Build It video

Dr. Marnie’s Blog: Reading Simplified

Download your free packet on Switch It

7 apps to use to teach reading

May you have fun travels on your language journey, hope to see you again on the avenue!


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