Tangled Before Ever After – 3 great lessons to teach our kids

I am really looking forward to sharing Tangled: The Series with my daughter.

We hardly do any screen time in our home so when we do, it has to be something special and probably in Spanish.  I love that Disney offers multiple language options on many of their shows and movies. It is no surprise that most of the programming our kids have seen is from Disney.

Rapunzel is currently one of two of our Little Peanut’s favorite princess.  (The other one is Elena in case you were wondering).  I was really looking forward to watching a preview of  the movie while on a recent trip to Disney Studios.

Screening Tangled Before Ever After

Tangled Before Ever After is a Disney channel original movie.  The movie is a prelude to a TV series coming out this March.

If the movie is any indication, there is lots to look forward to as the series unfold.  Here are 3 themes that the movie conveyed that will send a great message to our little ones.

  1. Sense of adventure

    This princess is just beginning to explore a new level of freedom.  She is not about to give it up just so she can fulfill her royal duties. I love how she stays true to herself.  Rapunzel’s endless adventures may just encourage our little ones to explore the world around them.

  2. Love between a family

    The movie explores Rapunzel’s relationship with her parents. There are ups and downs and it is not always a perfect relationship.  In many ways, they are all getting used to being in each other’s lives. Above all, the love for each other is palpable. This is a great reminder for our own family members that we may not always agree with one another.  But our love and respect for each other will guide us through any hardship.

  3. Friendships are understanding

    The film also explores Rapunzel’s friendship with Eugene. I will not spoil just how the interaction between the two unfolds.  However, I will share that above all they continue to have a beautiful connection. They understand each other’s needs and are willing to go great lengths to help each other meet those needs. There is a  good balance of back and forth between each character opening the door for great stories in the TV series.

I had an opportunity to meet with the creators of the film.  We had a great discussion about their inspiration and the themes they tried to convey in the movie.  They oozed passion for this film and I have to say they did a great job bringing it all together.  I just can’t wait to share this with my little ones.

Creators from Tangled Before Ever After

Check out the Disney Channel to get the scoop on Tangled: The Series!

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