Valentine’s Day Activities for Bilingual Kids

I love Valentine’s Day! This is not a holiday I grew up with in Venezuela.  It took only one round of this special date to come around for me to fall in love with it.  I became to appreciate it as a day to celebrate friendships, love and special relationships!

For our little ones, it can be difficult at times to understand abstract concepts.  The act of loving and caring can be hard to convey to our tiny little linguists at times. Valentine’s day gives us an opportunity to make it more concrete while adding exposure to the target language.

My big focus this year is to help you take action in your quest to raising bilingual kids.

I have come up with three super easy and fun activities that you can use around this theme that can help you boost your child’s vocabulary.  Make sure to check out the free printable for two out of the three activities.  I wanted to make this as easy as possible so you really can go ahead and take some action!

Valentine’s Day Coupon Books

In our family, we want to take advantage of the theme around Valentine’s day to show our kids how much we value them.  Gifts are a great way of doing so but the last thing I need more of in my home is stuff.  Instead of a toy, I am giving my little ones a more meaningful token of my appreciation.  We are using “I love you” coupons to do so.

I made these cute vouchers that my daughter can “cash in.”  Every single voucher is intended to create an opportunity to create more exposure to Spanish.  I can show my appreciation by giving her the coupon book.  In turn, she can show her appreciation by cashing in on some fun activities.

I am sharing the coupon book in case you want to do it with your little ones.  The vouchers are pre-populated in English and Spanish.  There are also some blank ones that you can fill in with your own thoughts and/or personalize with your target language.  Click the button below to get the freebie!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

For this activity, the credit goes to one of the members from inside the Bilingual Avenue Members’ Club.  She posted in our forums that she would be doing a scavenger hunt around the house.  The idea is that you would hide a little heart with a loving saying for each of your children. They get to find the special note as a treat.

You can do it every day, every week, every month! It’s not limited to just Valentine’s day.

This is such a fun way to introduce new words for your kids.  You can be intentional about what you put on your note so that you can expose your kids to new vocabulary. Depending on your child’s ability, you can either let them read the note or you can read it for them.

The best part is that this is such an easy activity but one that your kids will love.  To help you take action and implement this scavenger hunt in your home, I have pre-made heart notes that you can use with your kids.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful card on Valentine’s Day? You can easily make one with your kid while boosting their language skills.

Make sure that the recipient is a speaker of your target language!  If your kiddos can write, have them draft up their own card.  If not, they can dictate it to you.

Either way, use this opportunity as a conversation starter and a way to introduce some new words!

We are doing all three of these in my home next year.  Would love to know what you come up with in your own home!

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