Vocabulary and grammar tips for non-native speakers

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Kerstin Cable, the blogger behind Fluent Language. Learning language is for everyone! You just have to find the tools and resources the work for you. She is also the co-host of Creative Language podcast.

The Breakdown

On the podcast, Kerstin shares with us:

  • What language meant to her from a young age and all the languages she studied;
  • About her training as a multilingual secretary;
  • Her experience moving to England and her language experiences there;
  • What led her to start her blog Fluent Language and the types of information you can learn there;
  • Her tips for teenagers and non-native parents learning a language later in life:
    • Find a technique and a routine that reinforces your memory
    • Embrace the growth mindset and do not let frustration in the learning process get the best of you
    • Ask lots of questions when you do not how to say something
  • Her really valuable book for strategies on how to memorize vocabulary in the language you are learning: The Vocal Cook Book
  • Her suggestion for checking out the library for language learning resources;
  • Her tips for learning about grammar including:
    • Kerstin’s courses which are designed for native English speakers to learn German and French grammar
  • Her insights on accents and the impact it may have on our children
  • A great takeaway: “Any time spent working on pronunciation is time well spent but any time spent worrying about pronunciation is time wasted.”
  • The value of finding a partner to learn with you;
  • Leverage your child’s learning experience to open up your own world.


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