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Bienvenidos and welcome to the very first blog post from Bilingual Avenue!   A big thank you to all of you who have supported and encouraged me to get this blog started.  For those of you that are finding Bilingual Avenue for the first time, I am glad you stopped by and look forward to you joining in on the fun!

Let’s start off with introductions, shall we?

My name is Marianna Du Bosq and I am the founder of Bilingual Avenue.  I am married to the smartest yet sweetest man I know, Todd.   Together we are the proud parents of the little peanut you see below.  Little Peanut is being raised in a bilingual household.  I speak exclusively in Spanish while Todd speaks to her in English  following a method commonly referred to as One Parent One Language (OPOL).

Cherry blossoms & Forum 503
Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin in Washington DC

I have spent the last seven calling Washington DC home yet our family just migrated to the Black Forest in Germany for the next year adding a third language to our family dynamic.

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela and so I spent the majority of my childhood as a monolingual kid speaking only Spanish.  Until one day, about twenty years ago, my family and I moved to the United States of America and so began my adventure into learning a second language as a teenager!  This adventure was quite eventful and I look forward to sharing the details with you in future blog posts.  (You can also listen to the story on the first episode of the Bilingual Avenue Podcast).

My first day of school in the USA

My first day of school in the USA with my sister (8th Grade)

I am also a former educator of English Language Learners (ELL) from a lovely dual language public school on the west side of Chicago.  Parenting aside, teaching is by far the hardest yet most challenging job I will ever have.  Just imagine for a second how powerful it can be to take a child from only speaking their heritage language at the beginning of the school year to then sending them off to summer break, not only fluently speaking the community language, but also reading on grade-level.

I walked away from the classroom and from my Masters in Education with a very valuable toolkit and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

My class picture during my third year teaching second grade

My class picture during my third year teaching second grade

What is Bilingual Avenue?

Bilingual Avenue is a guide for parents on what to do, how to do it and what to expect when raising children in more than one language.

Bilingual Avenue is unique for it provides its audience content in three different ways: instructive blog posts, insightful podcasts and effective language resources.  Check out the Blog as I share personal tidbits from my experiences as a bilingual learner, bilingual teacher and bilingual parent.  Tune in to the Podcast to listen in on interviews of experts and parents as we discuss the best tools and most effective strategies for raising children in more than one language.  Visit the Resource gallery for a look at some of the best products out there to complement your kids’ bilingual learning experience.

Pick one avenue that matches your learning style or combine all three for the full experience.

Parenting a bilingual to be can is likely one of the most rewarding and fruitful task you will take on in your lifetime.  Yet it is no secret that it can be a long and difficult journey.  You don’t have to do it alone, Bilingual Avenue is here to help.

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