What do you wish someone had told you about raising a multilingual child?


We all have questions about raising multilingual children!  No matter how much we learn about the language journey, there is always more that we could learn!

This month I am participating in the 2015 Vlogging Telephone Chain with other insightful bloggers raising multilingual children.

I am answering a question from Rita Rosenback at Multilingual Parenting!  Rita asks: “What do you wish someone had told you about raising a multilingual child?”  Check out the video to find out my answer!

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Now it’s my turn to ask a question and I am sending it over to Jackie at Life with My Koreans, What is one obstacle you have come across on your language journey that you managed to overcome?  Head over to Jackie’s blog to learn more about her answer!

To find more about this project or to check out more blogger answers, visit any of the websites below!

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